DISH is Adding Blue Planet’s Software for Automation in Wireless

An image visualizing automation

Continuing its path in 2020, DISH Network is growing its wireless capabilities and this time, Blue Planet is coming along for the ride. In a year filled with ups and downs for 5G, DISH continues to make waves as it builds out its team to create a nationwide 5G network to compete with the likes of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

A division of the telecommunications company Ciena from Hanover, Maryland, Blue Planet is bringing its software automation that will allow DISH real-time management of inventory, on-demand provisioning, and assist in quicker customer network slices. 5G is set to play a big role in the world of automation, but the way DISH continues to set up its 5G network, the irony is, automation is also playing a big role in the way 5G is being built. 

“Blue Planet is a key component within our 5G platform, allowing us to dynamically manage all of our network inventory and service orders in real-time,” said DISH’s Executive VP and Chief Network Officer, Marc Rouanne, “With Blue Planet’s open, agile and programmable approach, DISH can rapidly deploy services and allocate resources to wholesale and enterprise customers, allowing them to provision network slices based on SLAs.”

Since purchasing Boost Mobile from Sprint as a result of T-Mobile merging with Sprint earlier in 2020, DISH has been tasked with creating a competitive 5G network that reaches 70% of the U.S. population by summer 2023 or faces a multi-billion dollar fine from the government. Automating its functions will help DISH create such a network which it is aiming to do on a budget of $10 billion. The more efficient and automated its processes are, the better the satellite turning wireless provider’s chances are to stick to budget.

The automation brought by Blue Planet works well with DISH’s network slicing capabilities. Network slicing will continue to be a large part of not only DISH’s future but 5G’s. This allows different resources that can be used for different kinds of traffic within DISH’s network. DISH has already begun working with vendor Matrixx Software on its dynamic pricing model to allow those who wish to purchase spectrum from DISH via network slicing at real-time market prices.

Source: Yahoo! Finance