DISH Wireless Begins its Journey in Vegas With AWS Providing Many Cloud Solutions

5G in Las Vegas from DISH Wireless

Las Vegas, Nevada has been chosen as the starting point of the newest nationwide 5G network. DISH Wireless and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced their plans to collaborate and to deploy America’s first standalone (SA), cloud-based 5G Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN). A “mystery partner” was brought up during a trial in December 2019 for the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, as DISH Wireless presented its case to purchase Boost Mobile to help itself not only enter the wireless industry but appease the government’s concerns about a wireless monopoly. Amazon was a name mentioned and now it seems that the two entities are partnering to bring innovation to 5G users nationwide.

“Through this collaboration with AWS, we will operate not just as a communications services provider, but as a digital services provider harnessing the combined power of 5G connectivity and the cloud. Together, we will enable our customers to take full advantage of the potential of 5G. Our approach will revolutionize wireless connectivity by giving customers the ability to customize and scale their network experience on-demand.” said Charlie Ergen, DISH’s Co-Founder and Chairman. “As a new carrier, leveraging AWS and its extensive network of partners enables us to differentiate ourselves by operating our 5G network with a high degree of automation, utilizing the talent of AWS-trained developers, and helping our customers bring new 5G applications to market faster than ever before.”

Several components of this partnership make sense, as cloud-native is a huge deal for DISH Wireless, with the future wireless provider working with 5G vendors who use cloud-native in their 5G solutions. AWS is allowing a platform for DISH Wireless, its vendors, and consumers to gain more flexibility and control in terms of their 5G solutions and experience.

Privatized networks and the use of network slicing are innovative areas that DISH Wireless is looking to use for a better 5G experience. AWS will allow DISH Wireless to connect its hardware and network management to the cloud that way its 5G network can be scaled quickly and the company can respond in real-time to the demands of its customers. Developers will be able to create various applications and solutions for 5G that can be deployed in a variety of industries through leveraging standardized application programming interfaces (APIs). Data on DISH’s network attributes will be engaged such as the location of equipment, bit rate, user equipment latency, and quality of service. The services of AWS will be leveraged with various partners’ capabilities implemented through analytics, security, machine learning, and more to make 5G solutions that use data.

5G is bringing a new era where latency is disappearing and new possibilities are becoming the norm. DISH Wireless is working on many different aspects of 5G because of this breakthrough and the allowance of more data and faster speeds to be sent through 5G with stronger connections. Both mobile and various other devices that are a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) will all work on AWS on complex functions such as analyzing, communication, and machine learning.

Everything from entertainment to smart factories is ready for a revolution thanks to DISH Wireless and 5G. Network slicing is another big part of DISH’s 5G network which will provide personalized end-to-end custom 5G networks built for a specific use. AWS’s services will allow DISH Wireless to use a variety of partners in the telecommunications industry for Amazon and others to automatically distribute its network slices.

“DISH’s cloud-native and truly virtualized 5G network is a clear example of how AWS customers can use our proven infrastructure and unparalleled portfolio of services to reinvent industries. This collaboration means DISH and its customers can bring new consumer- and enterprise-centric services to the market as quickly as they’re created to deliver on the promise of 5G. Together, we’re opening the door to new technologies that will transform factories, workplaces, entertainment, and transportation in ways people have only dreamed,” said the CEO of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy.

Many of the benefits of the collaboration with AWS will help DISH Wireless save money by cutting costs. Using a $10 billion budget to build a nationwide network by June 2025 or face a fine of over $2 billion from the U.S. government, AWS’s infrastructure and services will help DISH Wireless use many O-RAN components on the cloud. DISH Wireless will also look to grow revenue streams by using AWS to fully automated its Operation and Business Support Systems (OSS and BSS), used to operate and maintain the usage of its customers and monetize its 5G network.

This is an exciting time for Americans and especially those who live in or frequent Vegas often. Many other features are becoming available because of this partnership such as higher speeds, automation and cloud services for easier network deployment and maintenance at a cheaper cost, enhanced infrastructure capabilities and deployment thanks to AWS Local Zones, and AWS Outposts, to bring DISH Wireless’ 5G edge to developers for faster speeds and larger capabilities. The next time you want to send a video of your favorite show or using your phone to find the latest and greatest casino, you may just be doing it on the most innovative 5G network in the country.

Source: Yahoo! Finance