DISH Wireless is Adding Hansen Technologies as a Vendor

DISH Wireless 5G tower

Yet another vendor is joining DISH Wireless as it continues to build an impressive roster of partners.

Building an innovative 5G network is going to require many hands and DISH Wireless is continuing to add to its list of vendors with Hansen Technologies. Hailing from Australia, Hansen will be catalog-driven software solutions to DISH Wireless’s 5G network. The specific solution that is part of the deal will be the Hansen Create-Deliver-Engage Suite. This suite of software includes cloud-based applications for automating BSS and OSS processes, CPQ and order management, real-time facilitation and fulfillment of various 5G-based services, and a unified catalog.

Part of the O-RAN Alliance, DISH Wireless is building a network that will use many different vendors creating innovative and interchangeable components with collaborative capabilities throughout the journey. Vendors that have already been added including Matrixx Software and its dynamic pricing software and VMware with its cloud capabilities to name a few. Every vendor is playing a different role but the innovative design allows each vendor to work together while cutting costs and creating faster solutions.

Since completing its deal to purchase Boost Mobile from T-Mobile, DISH Wireless has been busy doing much more than providing affordable cell phone coverage. One of the major ways 5G is going to revolutionize wireless communication will be through empowering fixed wireless networks. Using its ability to create end-to-end network slices with dynamic pricing, DISH Wireless will be capable of providing customized network solutions for commercial spaces. The satellite television leader prides itself on being a market disruptor and is positioned to do so again in the wireless industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many different delays throughout many industries including wireless. Delays that have even given DISH Wireless an extension on its deadline by the government to build out a nationwide 5G network, now set for June 2025, two years passed the original mandate. Remote working skyrocketed during the pandemic and has shown the need for strong 5G networks to support work-at-home shifts. With many uncertainties surrounding how long the pandemic will affect companies and the desire to create custom network solutions for organization, DISH Wireless will be well-positioned with opportunities to use some of its spectrum the company has spent over $20 billion acquiring.

Source: Yahoo! Finance