Ericsson is Offering a Private 5G Suite

Private 5G networks are nothing new to Ericsson who has already begun deploying these innovative wireless solutions, but its new private 5G suite marks a step forward for the company.

Big things are happening at Ericsson. The wireless innovators hailing from Sweden are now offering the Ericsson Private 5G, its latest 5G solution available for entities looking to gain access to their own networks. Standalone (SA) 5G is available but 4G LTE is also part of the suite. On a single server, Ericsson is offering a complete 4G/5G network capable of operating for its clients. The suite will be available through carrier partners of Ericsson, though as a spokesperson mentioned, “In some markets with industry spectrum there might be exceptions to this.”

Different rules, regulations, and procedures apply to different nations when it comes to using spectrum. The United States allows entities to have access to the shared Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) with general authorized access (GAA) and priority access for those who win licenses from FCC auctions. In Japan, the government allots licenses for private 5G spectrum usage. Germany allocated a local 5G spectrum using the 3.7-3.8 GHz band range for industries back in 2019.

There is a continued trend in the wireless industry to produce privatized 5G network solutions. Ericsson is presenting innovative solutions but competitor Nokia is also working on its own products. The revamped company is looking to work with a more direct approach to the businesses they are targeting, however, Nokia is still open to working with carriers in some scenarios. Internationally, Verizon is using Nokia’s network for its customers. Samsung is also working on offering a private 5G network to a plant in Japan with Optage. DISH Wireless has also continued to speak on its desire to create private 5G networks and use its new 5G network’s feature, network slicing, to provide a more secure, customized network experience for enterprises of all sorts.

Ericsson is looking to differentiate itself from the competition by providing entities with a network that is not only easy to deploy, set up only takes a few hours, but is also easy to manage. Earlier in 2021, Ericsson deployed its private 5G network throughout its factory in Lewisville, Texas, to demonstrate its abilities in manufacturing. Some of the other features Ericsson is excited about including its network’s scalability and flexibility, and its involvement with the 5G-Industry Campus Europe, Europe’s largest industrial 5G research network, which solidifies its commitment even further. The suite will provide enterprises with access to Ericsson’s extensive radio offerings and its dual-mode core that can power 4G and 5G at the same time. A variety of integrations are also a part of the suite with such features as management integration with operator networks and RAN sharing.

“Efficiently deploying and using network solutions in enterprises requires simplicity in installation, flexibility in connecting to existing production IT and lean operations while at the same time being able to scale the network to meet future challenges,” said Niels König, Coordinator 5G-Industry Campus Europe, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT.

Source: Fierce Wireless