It Looks Like Orlando is the Next Spot for DISH Wireless

Orlando, Florida

DISH Wireless is expecting to provide the market of Las Vegas, Nevada, with 5G before the end of 2021, but it’s working hard to provide its services nationwide. More evidence is here with the newest major wireless provider in the U.S. breaking ground in Orlando, Florida. While not much is known at the time, a post found on LinkedIn confirms the company is working in the market. Fujitsu will be supplying radio hardware for the Orlando area as an established vendor. This is the first time DISH Wireless enters the Sunshine State.

The decision to unleash its 5G network in Orlando, Florida, is one of many others that are quickly adding up to provide an impressive look as to where DISH Wireless is in these beginning stages. It’s difficult to build a 5G network, much less one from scratch, and while there are many beneficial aspects to its network DISH was prepared for, including a healthy allotment of spectrum, there are still many challenges. Still, by building its 5G network without existing infrastructure, DISH Wireless is preparing itself to deliver a 5G network like no other with true 5G capabilities and features.

Once seen as hoarding spectrum, DISH Wireless is now putting its holdings to use. By taking an Open RAN approach and recruiting a host of expert vendors ranging from Amazon Web Services to VMware to Nokia and more, DISH is creating a 5G standalone (SA) cloud-native network that is reaching its goals to become nationwide. Due to the guidelines of becoming a nationwide wireless carrier, DISH Wireless must cover 70% of the U.S. population by June 2023 or risk paying a fine to the government reaching over $2 billion.

5G continues to make its way into our lives with wireless carriers expanding their offerings across the nation. What separates DISH Wireless is its determination to be different from the competition. Many operators are looking to provide as many consumers with 5G as possible but DISH Wireless is looking to bring true 5G features to its subscribers. This includes features delivered by Nokia and Oracle, providing a 5G core and network slicing capabilities respectively, that aren’t capable of working on networks that rely on previous generations. 

DISH is also working on bringing high-speed, reliable connections to a variety of markets including rural markets. This can be a difficult feat when considering that 5G doesn’t like to travel far and can be expensive to deploy. Through a greenfield approach and virtualization, DISH Wireless is cutting the costs involved in creating and maintaining its 5G network. Thanks to innovative network slicing solutions, DISH will also be capable of delivering customized fixed wireless solutions that can work how its clients see fit. In the end, the likes of manufacturers in the middle of nowhere, improved security in high-volume urban centers, and other markets using 5G will receive a better way to stay connected. The possibilities continue to grow as DISH Wireless spreads to yet another exciting city to watch!

Source: Fierce Wireless