Marc Rouanne is Excited to Bring Service-Based Architecture to 5G

5G equipment

The DISH Wireless executive is optimistic about the 5G offerings coming to enterprises.

Ever since DISH Wireless has announced that it was here to “disrupt” the way wireless is consumed, the company has not stopped doing just that. Revolutionary ideas and innovation are at the heart of what DISH Wireless is hoping to deliver its subscribers, even if it is unsure of what those solutions are in the present. This is why Executive Vice President and Chief Network Officer Marc Rouanne continues to show confidence in DISH’s approach to 5G, including the service-based architecture (SBA) based on a pure 5G core, the company will use. “Service-based architectures have been around in the IT world and the cloud world for a long time, but not in the telco,” said Rouanne.

The SBA approach is thanks in part to its new collaboration with Oracle. In the end, DISH Wireless is looking to a couple of main benefits here:

  • A pure 5G core is unlike its competitors. Unlike AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, DISH Wireless is building its 5G network from the ground up and has no direct subscribers to satisfy for the time being. This means that it can devote its focus to setting up its innovative 5G network and do so without using its previous generations for bolstering its connectivity, unlike its rivals.
  • SBA allows for flexibility which is important in the present but also in the future. By using an SBA approach, DISH Wireless will be able to evolve and adjust for the needs of enterprises who will also see their wireless needs change over time. DISH Wireless will also be capable of adding new business models as the company will be capable of using software on-demand while scaling up or down as customers need.

As an example, Rouanne spoke about another 5G network collaborator, Amazon Web Services (AWS), on how flexibility can benefit companies using wireless services. “They expose their services and anyone can consume, whereas in classic telco, everything is preconfigured and there is no flexibility (in) the way you consume the software,” he said.

Cloud-native is a huge component that is separating DISH Wireless and its 5G network from the competition as the company continues to use AWS, VMware, and others to bring these ambitions to life. With the new control plane network functions from Oracle, DISH Wireless will be able to onboard these functions thanks to Kubernetes within the cloud offering from AWS. 

Components will continue to be added thanks to DISH ensuring that its 5G network was also Open RAN and would allow for collaboration. Now, thanks to Oracle, DISH is in a position to receive new software for its 5G network and have it in place very quickly. “4G, 3G, 2G, were all thought out, they were a finished product. With service-based architecture you have unlimited capability for the future because you can stitch, automatically, new applications whenever people have ideas,” said Rouanne.

Source: Fierce Wireless