Over Five Years Later, Cisco and Verizon Business are Expanding Partnership

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The collaborative efforts of Cisco and Verizon Business continue to grow many years later as the two companies are coming together to develop their SD-WAN partnership. Three new SD-WAN managed services are coming. The move will provide the companies access to new solutions and capabilities, innovative management, and policy administration models.

Back in 2017, Cisco would go on to acquire Viptela, an SD-WAN provider. The expansion we are seeing in 2021 will include two solutions from this acquisition including SD-WAN that assists with control and self-management of SD-WAN security and application policies and the managed SD-WAN used with the Cisco ISR1100 Series platform aimed at use for small office spaces. Security and application policies of the SD-WAN can be self-managed allowing IT to have control and flexibility while Verizon takes care of the day-to-day SD-WAN fault, performance, and configuration management.

Cisco Meraki, the cloud-managed IT company from San Francisco, California, will also be involved by powering the SD-WAN with a better connection that is more secure and support that can be available on a global level. SD-WAN is becoming a bigger part of 5G more and more each day. This is because of its ability to help networks become more scalable, deliver top-level speeds without negative effects on bandwidth, and improved security measures. The SD-WAN solutions Cisco and Verizon Business are developing will be able to automatically determine the right connections for applications and services regardless of how many users require connections to said services. 

Because of the flexible nature of SD-WAN, these solutions can establish and change connections all while taking bandwidth needs and costs into consideration, a welcomed feature by enterprises operating in an increasingly digital world. SVP of Business Products for Verizon Business, Aamir Hussain, spoke on this issue saying, “Global enterprises are taking a hard look at their digital transformation agendas to find ways to win coming off one of the more challenging years in recent history. Working with Cisco, we continue to provide innovative solutions that can give customers the choice and tools they need to enhance efficiencies and grow.”

Verizon Business continues to push what is possible in 5G for business to the next level. Recently, the division worked with Zyter for 5G solutions that are aiming to enhance the way 5G and IoT are used within venues. Part of the expansion seen here with Cisco includes a solution from Verizon that provides management for smart cameras to release and use solutions faster and managed with ease from a pane of glass.

Source: RCR Wireless