Sarcos Robotics’ Guardian XT is Using T-Mobile’s 5G to Help Workers

A collaboration between T-Mobile and Sarcos Robotics is showing exciting results. Using 5G, the newest industrial robot from Sarcos Robotics can power remote capabilities and teleoperation. Known as the Guardian XT, the robotic system appears as an upper-body exoskeleton and is controlled remotely.

The Guardian XT is scheduled to be available for the market before the end of 2022. Its purpose is to reduce the risk to workers dealing with potentially hazardous tasks or conditions. Sarcos Robotics has designed the Guardian XT to perform complex tasks in lieu of a human but with human-like dexterity. These tasks include a range of activities such as lifting heavy objects, using tools in unsafe conditions and using sensors to perform inspections.

“This is a significant first step and we’re eager to continue the development toward full 5G wireless connectivity that will unlock a variety of new capabilities, including remote teleoperation, as we prepare for commercial availability,” said Scott Hopper, the Executive Vice President of Corporate and Business Development for Sarcos Robotics.

Though the full power of its 5G network will be used later on, T-Mobile’s 5G network is a key factor because it is enabling remote operation for the Guardian XT. Due to the low latency time provided by 5G, the network allows for a greater response time between operator and machine allowing for tasks to be completed in real-time. As T-Mobile expands its already nationwide 5G network’s capabilities and coverage, full integration will come about with a remote viewing system. The system is made possible because of the extended data bandwidth and lower latency from T-Mobile’s 5G network. Teleoperations will allow a field operator to control the Guardian XT while also allowing others to monitor the tasks being performed.

“The Sarcos Guardian XT robot requires a highly reliable, low latency 5G network that its human operators can count on. 5G was designed from the ground up for industrial applications such as this and we cannot wait to further collaborate with Sarcos as they develop the next big thing in industrial robotics,” said John Saw, the Executive Vice President of Advanced and Emerging Technologies for T-Mobile.

There are a range of industries in a position to benefit from the Guardian XT including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, and plenty more. The same is true for 5G. Communication is evolving and 5G is the ticket to new capabilities. Earlier in 2021, T-Mobile announced its partnership with Halo to bring autonomous vehicles to Las Vegas. The Un-carrier is also making strides within the enterprise and government sectors for its 5G network. Slowly but surely T-Mobile continues to impress in non-consumer markets bringing innovative solutions to life through its powerful 5G network.

Source: Fierce Wireless