T-Mobile is Offering Free Samsung 5G Devices With Trade-In

T-Mobile 5G device

According to T-Mobile’s CEO Mike Sievert, 92% of all Americans do not have a 5G phone. Now, the company is looking to have more subscribers connect to its nationwide 5G coverage.

As 5G continues to roll out in more and more cities, T-Mobile is looking to incentivize subscribers to connect with 5G devices. One of the latest examples is a promotion from the “Un-carrier” offering subscribers free Samsung 5G devices available when they trade in a working mobile phone. This includes both new and existing customers. “We’re giving every single person in this country a free trade-up to an awesome Samsung Galaxy 5G smartphone. All you have to do is trade in an old phone and no, not just the last year’s model, literally any mobile phone,” said Sievert. “Still using a Razr, a Sidekick? Whatever it is it doesn’t matter,” he continued.

Customers who participate will receive the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for no cost (taxes excluded) through two years of monthly bill credits. Subscribers may also have to pay $10 for a SIM card and $20 for an assisted upgrade charge. The device retails for $282. Phones with water damage or screen damage are not eligible for trade-in.

Getting more subscribers connected to 5G is a big and obvious goal for any network with T-Mobile looking to stay ahead of its competitors over at AT&T and the largest seller of 5G devices, Verizon. This is due to the headstart seen by T-Mobile and continued expansion of its 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum. The company acquired the spectrum when it finally completed its merger with Sprint in 2020 while AT&T and Verizon are looking to now use C-band spectrum to help expand their respective reach through mid-band spectrum.

The move to offer free Samsung 5G devices isn’t the only one T-Mobile is using to bolster its subscriber list while taking customers from its competition. Unlimited plans are available for those on limited plans at AT&T, Verizon, and even T-Mobile postpaid and legacy Sprint subscribers. iOS users will also be thrilled to hear that T-Mobile is also offering the opportunity to trade in iPhone 11s for an iPhone 12, half off of an iPhone 12 when you trade in an iPhone 7-10, or half off of an iPhone 12 Mini when trading an older iPhone model.

Subscribers looking to take advantage of the iPhone deals have until May 1, 2021, while T-Mobile’s free Samsung 5G device promotion will run for the remainder of the year.

Source: Fierce Wireless