Verizon Business & Zyter Are Improving Venues With 5G and IoT

A large venue

The ushering in of 5G networks across the country and the improvements they will bring to the Internet of Things (IoT) is exciting for many reasons and entertainment is far from the exception. Everything from the fan experience, basic communication, health, safety, and much more are on the table for 5G to improve how we enjoy live events and Verizon Business is collaborating with Zyter to help bring these functions to life. Zyter, a company specializing in the digital health and IoT-enhancement platform sectors, will be bringing many unique solutions that will be powered by the lightning-fast speeds of Verizon’s 5G network.

“Verizon’s secure, reliable, low-latency 5G network means we can now deliver large-scale, latency-sensitive applications like ThermalAlert at the edge for the first time,” said Zyter’s Founder and CEO, Sanjay Govil. “This opens up many new possibilities for innovative, real-time experiences at sub-millisecond speeds.”

Zyter ThermalAlert is a thermal imaging platform that can track the temperature of those visiting a venue in real-time. This amazing feat is possible because of Verizon’s 5G and edge computing capabilities. Due to the rise in health concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more public spaces are adopting various precautions and methods for detecting and preventing outbreaks. 

One of the issues that can come with traditional means of checking temperatures is the logistics of checking every guest can slow down lines and cause unwanted congestion. Instead of using handheld temperature scanners, ThermalAlert provides an easier way to check more guests while keeping everyone safe. Up to six guests can be checked by ThermalAlert at once with a range of reading temperatures between 86° and 113° Fahrenheit up to 20 feet away. Should an elevated temperature become detected, the system will then send an alert immediately so that security may be alerted for a manual screening to confirm the reading.

Verizon Business Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Aamir Hussain, spoke on the collaboration saying, “Zyter’s tools built on Verizon’s 5G network and MEC technology can make the return to venues of all kinds smoother and more efficient…that includes stadiums, workspaces, schools, travel hubs, and anywhere people gather. It has been a pleasure working with Zyter to leverage the most transformative technology of our generation, 5G, in innovative ways that can improve people’s lives.”

This is far from the first time Verizon has been involved in enhancing a venue. The largest wireless carrier in the United States even reached impressive numbers for the Super Bowl earlier in 2021 that would see them bring 5G capabilities to Tampa Bay, FL permanently. Multiple companies at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens are already using Zyter ThermalAlert to screen their employees.

Source: In-Building Tech