Working From Home to Push Cloud Computing in 2021

A woman working from home using cloud computing

The experts in professional services at Deloitte are predicting a cloudy future for the year 2021, but don’t think this means that things are all doom and gloom. After a burst in spending for cloud computing, the British firm is expecting more of the same in 2021 with large reasoning for this being a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and companies committing to shift to a larger work from home (WFH) model for their workplaces. Not only is the prediction for an increase in spending, but Deloitte is expecting seven times more spending in cloud computing than information technology (IT) and revenue from the cloud staying above 30% every year between 2021 and 2025.

This is great news for 5G as the industry prepares to power cloud computing and use it as well, for more expansive applications and faster networks. Many telecom companies working in 5G are also looking to provide edge-computing solutions as their 5G networks continue to build out and companies continue to push more and more data processing online. Overall, expect a much larger Internet to emerge as time moves on.

One of the beautiful things about 5G is how far it is capable of pushing complementary technologies. We know that 5G is bringing speed but it is also improving latency issues and will boost other technologies including fixed wireless, the Internet of Things (IoT), and of course, cloud computing. Expect to see the investment in cloud computing assist 5G in taking many of the same things we do today and putting them into the digital world. For instance, the medical world will see a notable increase in telemedicine with doctor visits via video expecting to draw around half a trillion dollars in revenue alone.

A bright spot after leaving such a dark year is that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t delay the inevitable for 5G and cloud computing, it accelerated it. We are witnessing an industry collaborate and develop solutions quicker than previous timelines would have suggested because of the shift in demand. Sure, there are still setbacks. We are still noticing issues with testing and supply chains but thanks to the collaborative efforts to overcome these obstacles, the investments we will witness in 2021 will pave the way for a better future at a faster pace.

Source: Light Reading